¿Tienes un reto en mente?

Escuchamos tus ideas para materializarlas en soluciones TI vanguardistas, generando valor, oportunidades reales y competitividad a tu empresa, comprometidos con un servicio ágil y personalizado.

Our Team

What is GFourmis?

Colombian company, specialized in creating software with high quality standards.


Create digital products and services that improve the competitiveness of its customers through the continuous support of an agile work team, passionate about professional challenges and in the constant search for evolution.


To be an international benchmark in the ICT industry, recognized for the quality of its services, trust, kindness, support and inspiration from its collaborators to deliver the best technological solutions.

Corporate securities

We work under principles based on commitment, honesty, respect, teamwork, proactivity and responsibility. We love what we do, that is why we are committed to every service we offer.

We have a team of professionals with a high degree of commitment and responsibility that is constantly innovating, developing and implementing technological solutions that meet the specific needs of each company.

Felipe Rojas

Entrepreneur and enthusiastic, he uses technology in favor of a more participatory Colombia, an innate leader.

Web Developer
Fenimore Baena

Intuitive and analytical entrepreneur man, he is always willing to collaborate and work as a team.

Digital Strategist
Diana Tovar

Dedicated and proactive professional. Able to provide the best advice and excellent customer service.

Commercial Manager
Robert Reyes

Technology lover, specialist in creating solutions that improve organizational processes.

Administrative Assistant
Leonardo Rojas

Person committed to her personal and work goals, seeks to achieve creative leadership.

Ingeniero de Soporte
Nicolás Murillo

Entusiasta frente a las nuevas tecnologías, enfocado al logro y en búsqueda de nuevos retos.

Content Creator
Natalia Prieto

Dreamy, passionate about writing. Responsible and committed to your goals.

Web Developer
Nestor González

He likes programming and is willing to face new challenges that arise in life.

Administrative Assistant
Vanessa Ruiz

Dreamy and persistent young woman, with the best disposition to learn every day and face challenges.

Our team is based on an agile methodology, this motivates us to investigate, to offer added value, to be always up-to-date, providing excellent results that have allowed us to build long-term relationships with all our clients.