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Scrum, more than a methodology is a lifestyle.

Scrum, more than a methodology is a lifestyle.

Scrum for your day

Currently there are many work methodologies for project management, some focus on being agile, other on the documentation, but what would you say to me if I told you that you can use “Scrum” to manage your life, that goes beyond the management of a project and allows you to organize your daily work and give your best every day.

Daily we have to carry out activities regardless of whether we are doctors, students, lawyers or engineers, no matter our profession or where we work, we will always have responsibilities in our lives, and in order to have the most benefit from our daily work we must organize ourselves. And what better than with Scrum, a flexible methodology that goes beyond managing a project. A methodology that began from the analysis of the development of new products and that has currently established itself as one of the best software development methodologies, not only because of the results that have been obtained, but also because of the ability to manage with some adaptations projects that go beyond the field of the software.


Scrum was a proposal made by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi which began as an approach to the development of new technological products and currently it has become a methodology that is applicable to any project, we can even apply it to:


  • Prioritize our activities.
  • Manage the things that have us blocked.
  • Organice our time.
  • Have control of our life.
  • Achieve our objectives and goals.
  • Promote in the best way the resources we have at our disposal.


In order to manage our lives with Scrum, we only need disposition, because the rest is provided by Scrum. We must start by organizing what the objectives are or what we want to do or achieve in a day, a week or a month, we can start with large tasks or small tasks, the size doesn’t matter, what matters is to make an initial approach to what we want to accomplish. Once we have these tasks we must see if we can perform them in a reasonable time, if we see that the tasks are very extensive or very complex to do, Don’t worry, break down the task, propose smaller tasks that when you achieve them, you will carry out that main objective.


When you have finished the tasks, select a few criteria that allow you to verify that you actually fulfilled them, and organize them by priority, where at the top are the most important tasks, or more urgent that you must carry out you are already one step away from executing your life under an agile methodologies approach based on Scrum.


Once you know what you want to do, how you want to do it and in what order you want to do it, it is time to start the tasks that will allow you to achieve the achievements in your life, organize them into a group of tasks that you can complete in two or three weeks, or maybe less, the time is up to you.


When you have your tasks organized, it is time for you to start executing them, but don’t forget when you finish that initial group of activities, take some time to reflect and think about What did you do wrong in the tasks? How can you improve them? And if you have something pending to do, don’t worry, you can do it in the next group, the important thing is that as time passes, you organize the tasks better so that you can meet your goals or objectives in the time that you set yourself.


If Scrum can do that for your life, can you imagine what it can do for your projects? Contact us and let us be part of the solution to your professional and business challenges.


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